Prayer Against Abominable Teaching

Dear Lord:
There’s a spirit of sexual perversion subtly trying to enter it’s way into the school system. I plead the Blood of Jesus over every child and every school in this world. This spirit is trying to teach the children that it’s okay to accept the abominable teachings of homosexuality. I pray against these abominable teachings and lies coming from the enemy. Get thee hence satan! You will not have the minds and hearts of our youth. Every mother and father, I pray you will continue to instill The Word of God into the minds of your children. May God protect you from the idle threats of these wicked schools when you deny their false teachings and may He guide you to a learning facility that will teach your children correctly. May we touch and agree for the safety of our youth. In The Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen!

Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.
Leviticus 18:22 KJV


2 thoughts on “Prayer Against Abominable Teaching

  1. The same satan has destroyed the family with lies, adultery, divorce. The same satan whispers in our ear it is okay to gossip about our neighbor. The same satan shoots darts of fear, temptation, and anger at us daily. Sometimes we fall to satan’s darts, and sometimes we stand in our armor claiming our victory. Either way God loves His children. He so loves the world – the liars, the adulterers, the homosexuals, the divorcees, the gossips, the unloveable, all of us – that He gave His only begotten Son Jesus Christ so that we may have a relationship with Him. A relationship which teaches us to be more like Jesus every day. We will mostly likely be falling to some of satan’s darts on the day we die, because we are none perfect and we do not obtain perfection or absence of sin just because we are His. What we do have is a gracious and patient God who covers us in mercy while we learn.


  2. This prayer was regarding when people are deliberately going against what God calls sinful and teaching people that it’s okay. This was not to put people down for where they used to be. You’re absolutely right that we’re all sinners and fall short, but if we repent and turn from those ways, God will forgive.


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