Stomping Out The Doubt

No matter what it looks like.
No matter what you feel, hear, or see. No matter how long it may take, just keep trusting in God’s Word. Even when the enemy tries to create illusions of fear to get you to doubt what God has spoken. That’s why it’s so important for us to keep reading God’s Word and praying for ourselves and others.

I speak of this because there may be someone who has allowed doubts to speak louder than God’s Word. God is not a man that He shall lie. He doesn’t forsake or leaves us like man. Many times when our situation gets dark and real, we are the ones who move away from God. Our impatience and attitude during the trials of life keep our focus from Him. Please connect with God and allow Him to reveal the plans He has for your life. Find your quiet place, repent, and stay in prayer. Until next time, pray for me and I’ll pray for you.

Be merciful to those who doubt;

Jude 1:22 NIV


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