Blindly Fighting Battles

Every battle is not meant for us to fight because God has not assigned us to them, yet we blindly go into battles and wonder why we end up spiritually wounded. Our natural eyes and ears only scratch the surface of the battles. We think we are right in our own eyes and from the sidelines, some are eager to grab the nearest weapon to start attacking. We’re quick to defend or criticize those in the battle and haven’t even properly evaluated the absolute truth of the situation. We have to stop trying to play “Commander” as we boast and brag about how we would have handled the situation had it been us. 
I speak of this because there is someone who is fighting battles that others truly don’t understand. I know you want to set the record straight and defend yourself, but that’s the wrong focus. Those that are laughing at your pain, wishing the worst for you, and throwing stones at you are not your problem. Thank God that He’s shown you who are not suited to help you fight this battle. If there’s any discrepancies on your end while in this battle, please repent and let God show you how to correct the error(s). Once you continue to pray over this situation, allow the Holy Spirit to help you pray for your heart issues and others involved. He’ll work to correct you and others, giving you a clean heart and clear conscience. This battle is bigger than you. In the end, God’s truth and justice will prevail. Until next time, pray for me and I’ll pray for you.

Plead my cause, O Lord , with them that strive with me: fight against them that fight against me.

Psalms 35:1 KJV


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