Check With The Source

​When trying to tell people the life story of others, no matter how good or scandalous they think they can tell it,  heed this warning: DON’T! You’re not living their life to properly tell it and you’re not The Most High God to expose it truthfully. Just know that if you’re not going to them to correct in love or interceding on their behalf, constantly condemning them will in due time reap a nasty harvest for yourself. The Most High God can strategically place you in their shoes and humbly remind you that He knows their hearts and actions better and He will get the Glory in their lives, while showing you the sins and issues of your own heart that you’re hiding from people. We don’t even know if that person has went to The Most High God to repent and asked for forgiveness and we don’t even know what He told them to do while in their process. We can’t just want mercy, grace, and forgiveness for ourselves yet feel our peers don’t deserve. The Most High God can correct, deliver, restore, etc whomever He chooses and there’s nothing man can do about it.

For His eyes are upon the ways of man, and he seeth all his goings.

Job 34:2 KJV


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