It’s All Good

It’s sad to say that there’s people wanting or waiting to see you fail, but the reality is there is a powerful God that can use the evil against you for good. Keep your thoughts pure, keep praying, and fasting. Obedience will not be punished, so stay connected to The Most High.


The Lens Of Spectating

​Spectating is a form of false witnessing. It’ll have people believing that someone is struggling or faking in life and it’ll have the spectator foolishly mocking someone they don’t truly know. While the spectator may enjoy the high of thinking someone is  struggling, it’s only an illusion that they’re unable to properly gain clarity on. Sometimes the spectator just doesn’t understand that the person is just going through a process in their life. This could involve character building, correction, protection, Spiritual growth, etc. When The Most High is ready to change a person’s life, no spectator and/or the propheLIES spoken against them can stop the breakthrough and open doors designed for their life. The Most High has a way of confusing the enemy and can even make him your footstool.

Opportunity Will Look Like…

We have to be careful when opportunities are presented to us. Some may be blessings in disguise, but be aware of the curses in disguise. We know that The Most High’s blessings bear good fruits, but the enemy loves to imitate our powerful Elohim. He would present an opportunity wrapped up so beautifully, but the moment it’s opened, it’s nothing but destruction. We have to stay prayed up and know when to remove ourselves from tables that only lead to compromising who we are.

Remember The ‘Why’

We do the BEST we can with what we have been GIVEN. Work humbly and honestly with the small tasks and once The Most High God believes we are ready for more, then He’ll provide the increase in His time. Don’t burn out trying to do the most. Remember why it was put on your heart to do the work.

Inside Job

We’ll know when we’re TRULY maturing in spiritual growth when we can pray for those who hurt us with a contrite heart. His Word says to FORGIVE OTHERS to be forgiven and this can truly take some time. In the wake of our differences, we can get understanding and be at peace that the pain we’ve endured will no longer be a stronghold for us. Heal within and let go.