Bitter Babblings

Some of us are dealing with situations that have us feeling so depleted. We’re just hoping for better days. We may look to others for answers, but deep down we’re not satisfied with their suggestions. We’re dressed in our best, but spiritually tormented inside. 

I speak of this because someone has let bitterness rest deep in their hearts due to the circumstances of life. No matter how we hide it, bitterness shows up in our actions, thoughts, and eventually escapes our lips. Soothing words can not properly heal a heart that’s rooted in bitterness. It only causes more destruction if we’re not delivered from it. In your quiet time with The Most High God, I challenge you to lay your burdens down. He’s there for us to cast our cares to Him. Until next time, pray for me and I’ll pray for you.

The heart knoweth his own bitterness; and a stranger doth not intermeddle with his joy.     Proverbs 14:10 KJV

Stiff-Necked Remedy

I want to remain a person with a teachable spirit. The more I learn, the more I know there’s more to learn. In my thirst for knowledge, I have to remain humble and not self-righteous. Life lessons will come to prune, correct, and restore. We can’t escape the tests because if a stubborn spirit tries to rise, The Most High will intercede and remind us of our place and why we need to stay connected to Him.


Healing from a debilitating illness or situation doesn’t mean to be silenced by the spectators. Your “going through” connected you to people who helped at your lowest. Those people became your tribe. Your overcoming those challenges can possibly help people who are or about to experience a similar situation as you did. Life provides constant lessons. We all have our moments to learn or teach.

Changing With The Seasons

​Every single month, you will hear people saying, “This is YOUR season”. The reality is that it won’t be YOUR SEASON until YOU are being OBEDIENT to The Most High. If we know some things are not sitting well in our spirits, let’s check ourselves and repent of our disobedience. Let’s get back up and lean on The Most High for wisdom and guidance. Have a great day!


Test the spirits to see if it’s sound advice from The Most High God. Just because it sounds good doesn’t mean it’s helpful. Just because it sounds harsh doesn’t mean it’s hurtful. The truth pill should not leave you sick, confused, and in more destruction. Condemnation has no solutions, but threats to your destiny that may cause you to stay stagnant. Conviction moves you forward by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Pay attention to The Father’s leadership.

No Point To Prove

​We do not fully understand what goes on in someone’s life until that person allows us to be a part of their life. We only make ourselves look foolish by making absurd assumptions and/or listening to mindless hear says of someone. Grown ups that resort to the silent treatment don’t want to know the truth, they’d rather be comforted by the stories. When people stoop to that level, you remove them from your circle. Sometimes distance is better than proving a point.