We Already Know

There are many things that will try to pull us out of character, but we must STAND FIRM on The Most High’s Word. Continue to do our best by obeying Him in all we do and not react to the world’s manipulated incidents. Continue to pray without ceasing and put our best foot forward.

The Right Motivation

It’s good to set goals and it’s a good feeling we experience when we accomplish them. We should be careful when we are only motivated to accomplish things just to prove to others we’re capable of doing them. Being motivated to achieve our goals because others don’t believe in us can cause more confusion, lack of confidence, and the devaluation of our accomplishments. Our lives were not given to us to seek the approval of man, but to obey The Most High and do what He called us to do for His glory.

Enduring In The Race

Some drop out the race because they were never in the race with us for the right reasons. Some endure the race with us because they want to win with us. We have to be okay with the fact that everyone may not reach the finish line at the time we’d like them to. They just may have to go through the process of developing more mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth and strength. Don’t kick them while they’re down or laugh at them while they struggle to endure because they can always get back up and surpass us in the next race.


So let’s not focus on what everyone else is accomplishing and building in life. Looking at what others are doing will only cause regret, shame, or maybe even jealousy. Put your focus on what you were called to do and be consistent with your work. Learn to be grateful for what you have already and take care of what The Most High has already blessed you with. It’s all about perspective so shift and enjoy your life right now. 

Observe In Silent Seasons

It’s good to be underestimated. It’s good to be hidden and keep silent in your season(s) of character building. Much is revealed when you observe your surroundings.
Plots against you are exposed. People who tried to hide their true feelings for you are exposed. Distractions come in the midst of transition. True help comes to guide you through your journey. Will you continue to ignore what you see and hear or will you take action to the warnings?

The Shame Of Suicide

We should be careful not to shame someone who attempts suicide. We should be careful not to scorn a person for their methods to attempt suicide. We should be careful not to dismiss their suicide attempts as just wanting attention. It is never okay to laugh at someone’s pain because one day, it could become our own. 

People who suffer from suicidal thoughts and attempts are dealing with life issues that they may wish to escape. It could also be that they’re dealing with medications that can cause suicidal thoughts or they’re dealing with a demonic stronghold.

If we do not have the compassion to pray those demonic strongholds off of them and get them the proper medical treatment, then we must definitely be careful with how we judge their struggles with suicidal thoughts and attempts.