Intercessors Needed

Let’s keep everyone in our prayers: Family, Friends, Foes, etc. We just never truly know what people are dealing with or have to overcome. Stay prayed up beautiful people!


Maintaining Your Meekness

​Their bragging about putting you in oppressive situations may give them a sense of prideful accomplishment, but evil triumph will always be short-lived. Keep yourself and your enemies covered in prayer. Keep praying for your heart to not be hardened by these circumstances, but walk upright regardless of what others attempt to do to you. It’s in the hands of The Most High, so stop the stressing in spite of the mess. Be Encouraged!!!

Correction In Love

Take heed when someone corrects us in love, truthfully by calling, inboxing/email, or making arrangements to meet in person. When it’s done on social media platforms through subliminal messages or comments on posts, it’s just to humiliate us and give them attention. Condemnation doesn’t have solutions, just confusion and chaos. Correction has solutions that lead to repentance and saving a soul from eternal torment. Stay prayed up!

Truly Supported

We may not have the support from the people we thought should support us, but it truly doesn’t matter in the end. The life we live should be to ultimately please The Most High because He created us in Him image. If we disappoint Him, we face even more problems that are costly to our souls. The things in this world will pass away, but His Word, commandments, and love is for eternity. We have a choice when we’re blessed to face a new day. We can please The Most High or enjoy the temporary, conditional support from people in this world. Let’s choose wisely and stay prayed up.

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating habits is not just good for your body, it’s also good for your mind and spirit. There’s a cleansing that happens internally and it can bring a sense of clarity and peace. 

There are people who want to make wiser food choices, but some don’t have the proper resources to. There are some who still have food addictions that they struggle with. There are some who are battling other health issues that may restrict their regular eating habits. We’re all on a different journey, so we should be mindful of how we try to look at others from the outside view.

Wherever you are on your journey to healthy eating, I wish you the best. May you reach your food goals and continue on your healing process. Stay prayed up!